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Even with all the education and training in the world and an array of impressive certifications you still need to know how to find and get the job you want. The information here is designed to help you find that job.

There is an overview of the medical assisting job prospects over the coming years. By the way – it looks very good. There is also information on current medical assistant salaries state by state. This will give you a starting point for your salary expectations where you are.

There is also information on how to properly prepare your resume. This is not something you want to sit down and create in a few minutes. There are techniques that have been proven to work best and that result in resumes that will help you catch the employers eye.

You also need to create a cover letter. Some wold say this might be more important than the resume itself. It certainly is just as important.

Read all the information below carefully. Take advantage of the tips and suggestions and you’ll find the time is well spent. After all it’s your career on the line.