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classroom-learningThere are advantages and disadvantages to both the classroom training and the online training. You have to decide which is best for you individually. Everyone’s situation is different so there is no right or wrong answer.

Just remember this. In today’s competitive job market, employers are looking for the best qualified. In many cases this means they want someone who has the CMA certification. So whichever way you go make sure you choose an accredited program that allows you to sit for the CMA exam.

If you’re currently working full time, then a full time classroom training program probably will be difficult unless you were to find one that offered night or weekend classes. This is the advantage t the online training programs. These you can take on your own time schedule and at your own pace. But herein lays a danger for some as well. Make sure you have the self discipline to stay with it. Sometimes if you don’t have the need to get to a regularly scheduled class, the training can get put off – sometimes indefinitely.

Many ask if you get the same kind of quality education online as you would from a classroom program. I answer it this way. If you are just starting out in your training I would recommend the classroom program. Here’s why. There is nothing like the classroom interaction with an instructor to really help you understand the material. If you have problems it is easier to get help. Plus, many of these programs offer an externship at the end. This is a way to get real hands on work experience as part of the program.

My recommendation is to try and find a program that offers this as part of the program. When you’re just starting out this experience will help build up your resume when it’s time to look for that first job. The more real world experience you can show will help get you that first job.

Now if you have been working as a medical assistant for a while and you are want to get that medical assistant certification then an online program may be best suited for you. You can’t sit for the CMA exam if you have not completed an accredited training program no matter how much experience you have. You probably want something that you can get through quickly and at less cost than the classroom program. This may be the best way for you.

So the answer to the question which is better clearly depends on your own situation. The important thing to remember is that whichever route you go, you want to end up with quality education and the ability to get certified as a medical assistant. That certification can mean better pay, better benefits, more opportunities and more job stability.

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