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Medical Administrative Assistant – Another Career Option

medical-admistrative-assistantWithin the medical assisting career field there are more and more specialties evolving because of the expanding role of the medical assistant. Within the field there are two major roles for medical assistants.

There is the clinical medical assistant whose primary area of responsibility lies in clinical related tasks. These can include taking patient medical histories, assisting doctors during examinations, drawing blood etc.

The other major area for medical assistants is in the administrative area of practice offices and other healthcare facilities. This is known as a medical administrative  assistant. The larger the facility or practice, the greater the need for medical assistants who are well trained in the day to day operations of a healthcare facility.

What Does a Medical Administrative Assistant Do?

Medical administrative assistants are key to helping healthcare facilities and practice offices run smoothly on a day to day basis. Their duties which can vary widely from office to office will typically include:

  • Taking on the responsibility to manage the daily operations of the office medical facility
  • Organizing and updating of all medical records including electronic medical records.
  • Being responsible for office scheduling and coordinating patient appointments.
  • Making sure patient insurance information is available, accurate and up-to-date.
  • Ensuring insurance claims are completed and submitted properly.
  • Preparing necessary correspondence between doctors or other healthcare providers and patients.
  • Providing outstanding customer service to all patients.
  • Answer calls
  • Maintain files
  • Prepare various reports as required
  • And any number of other administrative duties.

Skills Required

Medical Administrative AssistantTo be a good administrative assistant you need to be a well organized person. You need to be one who can handle a variety of tasks simultaneously – multitasking. In today’s modern healthcare facility, that means being familiar with office technology and any specialized programs used for patient records, billing and submission of insurance claims.

In a large practice office, that can mean being able to work smoothly and efficiently without getting stressed out. It is an important position to have.


The role of medical administrative assistant is recognized as an important function on a healthcare delivery team. As such the National Healthcare Association provides certification in this specialty.

Like other certifications such as the registered medical assistant, the benefits of getting certified can include more job opportunities, high pay and more job responsibilities. If this is an area the interest you it would be worth your while to explore the job possibilities and to take the certification examination.

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