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Medical Assistant Resume – It Will Make You or Break You

medical-assistant-resumeWhen you start your job search the first thing you have to do is prepare a resume. No matter whether you are looking for your first medical assisting job or have many years of experience, your medical assistant resume will either make or break your chances for finding the job you want.

Statistics have shown that a prospective employer might receive 50 or more resumes for each job opening. To handle that many most employers will skim the resumes and quickly decide if there is “no interest” or it is one “to be considered.”

Only resumes that are clearly organized and easy to read will survive the initial review. You want yours to be one of those.

Assuming you have the basic qualifications for the open position there are certain things you can do to make sure yours gets the proper attention.

Creating a Terrific Medical Assistant Resume

  1. You want to make a good first impression. Emphasize specific accomplishments that you have achieved in previous jobs.
  2. Emphasize your strong points. Put your best achievements and strongest qualifications at the top of your resume.
  3. Have a section of your resume titled “Highlights.”
  4. Don’t pas your resume. Most of the time irrelevant padding is easily detectable by experienced employers.
  5. Don’t give the impression that you can do everything. Highlight your top 3- 4 skills. Focus on these.
  6. Read the position description. Try to use any keywords or topics that stand out to focus your resume.
  7. Medical Assistant ResumeUse an easy to read format that includes headings for sections and bolding and bullet points.
  8. It may seem like a lot of work but you should try and modify your resume to fit each position you are applying for. The extra effort will pay off.
  9. Let them know what you can do for their organization if they hire you.
  10. Make sure when your resume is completed, you proof read it carefully. Have some else also proof read it. Having just one or two typos might just eliminate you from the running.
  11. Don’t ramble on. If your resume exceeds two pages it really better be worth it. Very few are. Keep it short sweet and focused.
  12. Make sure you have references available. You don’t want to waste time trying to get them if they’re asked for early in the process. They don’t need to be part of the resume but make sure you have the standard “references available on request” on the resume.

What about if you are just starting out?

If you don’t have all that job experience but are still qualified for the job then highlight your education first. Let them know the kind of training you went through. Talk about the specific course work you took.

Medical AssistantIf you completed an accredited medical assisting program and have taken and passed the CMA exam, highlight that at the beginning of your resume.

If you participated in an externship during your training program, explain the type of healthcare facility you worked at and the various types of job responsibilities and experiences you had. Emphasize specific clinical duties you preformed as well as administrative duties you were involved with.

Try and get a a reference or recommendation from one of your instructors and/or from someone you work with in your externship if possible.

Make sure you have a medical assistant cover letter that goes beyond just your resume and highlights clearly who you are as a person – your work ethic, your skills, the contribution you can make through hard work, your passion for the career field, your desire to help people, etc.

When you have your resume and cover letter ready you can start your job search. Be aggressive in looking for the job you want. It will make all that training pay off.


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