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Medical Assistant Salary and Job Statistics for Indiana

Indiana State SealIf you are looking for employment as a medical assistant in Indiana, here is employment and salary information across the state that should be helpful in your job search.

Indiana ranks 16th in the nation for medical assistant employment with almost 12,000 medical assistants across the state.  However, it ranks only 32nd for average annual salary statewide. The statewide average salary is $28,800.


There is a more detailed breakout of employment and salary data present in the table below from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Medical Assistant Salary and Employment Information for Indiana

Area nameEmploymentHourly mean wageAnnual mean wageHourly median wageAnnual median wage
Anderson, IN140$13.78$28,660 $13.53$28,140
Bloomington IN230$12.29$25,560 $11.73$24,390
Cincinnati-Middletown OH-KY-IN4640$14.21$29,560 $13.98$29,070
Columbus IN170$14.14$29,420 $13.57$28,230
Elkhart-Goshen IN350$13.80$28,710 $13.59$28,260
Evansville IN-KY800$14.08$29,290 $13.81$28,720
Fort Wayne IN1000$13.53$28,140 $12.49$25,990
Gary IN Metropolitan Division1510$13.95$29,020 $13.44$27,950
Indianapolis-Carmel IN3820$14.51$30,180 $14.15$29,430
Kokomo IN110$12.93$26,890 $12.89$26,800
Lafayette IN400$13.88$28,870 $13.62$28,330
Louisville-Jefferson County KY-IN2540$13.55$28,190 $13.43$27,940
Michigan City-La Porte IN220$12.85$26,740 $12.89$26,810
Muncie IN350$12.51$26,030 $12.27$25,520
South Bend-Mishawaka IN-MI630$13.92$28,960 $13.85$28,800
Terre Haute IN310$13.26$27,580 $12.76$26,550
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


The data presented above shows the area around Cincinnati-Middletown OH-KY-IN as the metropolitan area with the highest medical assistant employment. This might be a little misleading for someone in Indiana. The way this information is broken out there are metropolitan areas in the state that overlap with other states – in this case Ohio and Kentucky.

The Indianapolis-Carmel area has the highest employment of any area completely within the state of Indiana. It has employment of 3,820 medical assistants. Other top areas include Gary (Northwest Indiana), Fort Wayne and Evansville. At the other end Columbus, Anderson and Kokomo have the lowest employment.

From a financial perspective the highest average annual salary is found in the Indianapolis-Carmel area. This is probably no surprise for anyone who knows Indiana. The average annual salary there is $30,180.

The lowest average salaries are found in Muncie and Bloomington. Muncie has an average of $26,030 and Bloomington has an average of $25,560.

The range of average salaries runs from a low $25,560 to a high of $30,180. This is not a particularly wide range but it does show that location can make a difference in the salaries you will find in your job search.

It’s important to be aware of the fact that these statics are estimates. They will change overtime. More importantly you should use them only as a guide as what to expect in the marketplace. If you go about your job search in a smart way you will find what you want. Have a good resume and cover letter and more doors will be opened for you.