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Medical Assistant Salary and Jobs Information for Kansas

Kansas State SealIf you are looking for medical assistant jobs in Kansas, here is information you need to know. Overall the state ranks in the lower half of the 50 states for both employment and average annual salary.

Kansas medical assistant employment stands at about 4300 or 34th in the nation according to the latest from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Its average annual salary state wide is $27,060 – 42nd in the country.


There is some better news if you look at the break down of employment and salary data within the state as presented in the table below. It breaks out the major metropolitan areas in the state for both employment level and average annual salary.

Medical Assistant Salary Information for Kansas

Area nameEmploymentHourly mean wageAnnual mean wageHourly median wageAnnual median wage
Kansas City, MO-KS3210$15.10$31,410$14.88$30,950
Lawrence KS90$12.71$26,440$12.39$25,760
Manhattan KS110$11.50$23,920$11.08$23,050
St. Joseph MO-KS120$12.95$26,930$12.81$26,640
Topeka KS380$12.61$26,240$12.46$25,910
Wichita KS1270$12.48$25,950$12.12$25,200
Kansas nonmetropolitan area1080$11.48$23,880$11.24$23,380
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


Not surprisingly the Kansas City area has the highest employment of medical assistants at 3,210. This number however does include Kansas City MO as well. The second highest employment number is the Wichita area at 1,270 jobs.

Manhattan and Lawrence Kansas are the lowest areas with 110 and 90 jobs respectively.

It is interesting to note that the third largest area of medical assistant employment behind Kansas City and Wichita is the rest of the state outside the metropolitan areas. Given the more rural nature of the state this should probably not be a surprise. It does show however that there are significant employment opportunities outside the larger cities.

When you look at the average annual salary information the Kansas City area again tops the ranking at $31,410. Wichita, with the second highest employment is fifth when it comes to average annual salary at $25,950.

The lowest state salaries can be found in the nonmetropolitan area at an average of $23,880. So while there are a reasonable number of medical assistants employed outside of the metropolitan areas, their salaries are among the lowest in the state on average.

It always needs to be mentioned that all these statistics are estimates. While they are the most recent data available, they will change over time. Also there are many determinants for the salary of any particular job opening. So you may well find wide variations in salary from job to job.

Always prepare yourself the best you can and present your qualifications in the best light possible. This starts with a good resume and cover letter to get you that all important first interview.