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Medical Assistant Salary and Jobs Data for Massachusetts

Massachusetts State SealThere is good news for anyone thinking about a job as a medical assistant in Massachusetts. Given the many well known medical facilities in the Boston area it is probably no surprise the state ranks 13th in the country for medical assistant employment and 2nd in the country for the highest average annual salary.

Total employment across the state is over 13,600 and the state’s average annual salary is $37,210. Only Alaska has a higher average salary.


The table below breaks out the sate data into 17 areas across the state. The data from the bureau of labor statistics combines various Massachusetts towns into New England City and Town Areas (NECTAs). If you are interested in exactly what towns are included in these you can visit

Medical Assistant Salary Data for Massachusetts

Area nameEmploymentHourly mean wageAnnual mean wageHourly median wageAnnual median wage
Barnstable Town, MA370$17.08$35,520$16.56$34,450
Boston-Cambridge-Quincy MA-NH10370$18.26$37,990$17.37$36,130
Boston-Cambridge-Quincy MA NECTA Division7930$18.74$38,980$17.68$36,780
Brockton-Bridgewater-Easton MA NECTA Division280$16.71$34,760$16.62$34,580
Framingham MA NECTA Division440$17.58$36,570$17.35$36,090
Haverhill-North Andover-Amesbury MA-NH NECTA Division240$17.49$36,380$16.81$34,970
Lawrence-Methuen-Salem MA-NH NECTA Division260$15.62$32,480$15.48$32,200
Leominster-Fitchburg-Gardner MA300$17.03$35,420$15.94$33,160
Lowell-Billerica-Chelmsford MA-NH NECTA Division370$17.39$36,170$17.13$35,620
Nashua NH-MA NECTA Division410$15.19$31,600$15.28$31,780
New Bedford MA300$14.23$29,590$13.63$28,350
Peabody MA NECTA Division350$16.92$35,190$16.64$34,620
Pittsfield MA180$15.35$31,940$15.62$32,490
Providence-Fall River-Warwick RI-MA2120$15.23$31,670$14.93$31,060
Springfield MA-CT1300$16.30$33,890$16.18$33,660
Taunton-Norton-Raynham MA NECTA Division90$16.98$35,320$16.10$33,480
Worcester MA-CT890$17.95$37,330$17.05$35,450
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


For employment, the Boston-Cambridge-Quincy area has the highest employment at around 10,300. Within that area is the Boston-Cambridge-Quincy NECTA that accounts for over 7900 jobs. The Providence-Fall River-Warwick area has the second largest employment at over 2100 and Springfield is in third place with 1330.

At the other end is Pittsfield with only about 180 medical assistants and in last place is the Taunton-Norton-Raynham area with 90.

Looking at the average annual salaries across the state the Boston-Cambridge-Quincy NECTA has the highest salaries at $38,980. The entire Boston-Cambridge-Quincy area is second at a slightly lower average of $37,990.

The lowest average salaries in the state are found in the Nashua area at $31,600 and New Bedford with $29,590. Overall however, the salaries in most parts of the state are very good.  The larger metropolitan areas having the best salaries as would be expected.

Keep in mind these numbers are estimates. The salary for any given job may vary significantly. There are many factors that can contribute to the specific wage level of any one job.

If you’re looking for a medical assistant job the best thing you can do is prepare well for your job search. Make sure you have a good resume and a strong cover letter. These might just open the doors you want.