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Medical Assistant Salary and Jobs Information for Montana

Montana State SealalThe state of Montana is among the states with the lowest employment of medical assistants. It ranks 47th in the country with just less than 800 jobs state wide. This is probably not surprising given that there are only three major metropolitan areas in the state.

From an average annual salary perspective the news is much better. Montana ranks 24th in the country with an average annual salary of $30,180. So while there are fewer jobs in Montana, the average salary for those jobs is not all that bad.


The Table below breaks out the employment and salary information for the state by metropolitan area and three other areas outside of the population centers.

Medical Assistant Salary Information for Montana

Area nameEmploymentHourly mean wageAnnual mean wageHourly median wageAnnual median wage
Billings, MT230$14.38$29,910$14.26$29,670
Great Falls MT70$14.64$30,460$15.02$31,250
Missoula MT80$14.88$30,960$13.85$28,810
Eastern Montana nonmetropolitan area50$12.98$27,000$12.61$26,220
Southwestern Montana nonmetropolitan area160$13.97$29,060$13.90$28,900
Western Montana nonmetropolitan area180$15.34$31,920$14.75$30,680
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


The Billings area has the most medical assistant jobs in the state. The other two metropolitan areas, Missoula and Great Falls, have roughly 80 and 70 jobs respectively. The western and southwestern parts of the state, outside of the metropolitan areas come in second and third for employment levels. They have 180 and 160 jobs respectively.

Salary information has a slightly different picture. The highest average annual salaries are found outside the metropolitan areas. The western part of the state has the highest average salary at $31,920. Missoula, one of the lowest areas of employment, has the second highest average annual salary at $30,960.

The lowest salaries will be found in the eastern part of the state at $27,000. This is outside of the metropolitan areas.

While at first glance these numbers may seem disappointing, there is actually good news here. Overall while the number of jobs is low by comparison to other larger states, the salaries for those jobs are clearly better than about half the country.

Any numbers like these are always estimates and can and will change over time. The best thing you can do when you are looking for a job is to be smart in your search. Know what you are looking for. Put together a good medical assisting resume that highlights your strengths and capabilities. Couple that with a good specific cover letter that will catch the attention of prospective employers. You efforts will be rewarded.