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Medical Assistant Salary and Job Data for New Hampshire

New Hampshire State SealNew Hampshire is a small state so one should not expect to find a large number of medical assistant jobs in the state. This is in fact true. New Hampshire ranks 41st in the country for the number of medical assistant jobs with just over 1900 statewide.

But those jobs have an average annual salary that is among the best in the country. New Hampshire ranks 12th among the states for annual pay. The average annual medical assistant salary in New Hampshire is $32,100.


To understand where those jobs are in the state you need to look at the state level data. The table below breaks out employment and salary data for the major metropolitan areas in the state and for four areas outside the population centers.

Medical Assistant Salary Data for New Hampshire

Area nameEmploymentHourly mean wageAnnual mean wageHourly median wageAnnual median wage
Haverhill-North Andover-Amesbury, MA-NH NECTA Division240$17.49$36,380$16.81$34,970
Lawrence-Methuen-Salem MA-NH NECTA Division260$15.62$32,480$15.48$32,200
Lowell-Billerica-Chelmsford MA-NH NECTA Division370$17.39$36,170$17.13$35,620
Manchester NH430$15.67$32,600$15.64$32,520
Nashua NH-MA NECTA Division410$15.19$31,600$15.28$31,780
Portsmouth NH-ME100$15.29$31,800$15.00$31,200
Rochester-Dover NH-ME280$15.76$32,770$14.85$30,880
Northern New Hampshire nonmetropolitan area100$13.72$28,540$13.39$27,850
Other New Hampshire nonmetropolitan area290$15.62$32,500$15.74$32,740
Western New Hampshire nonmetropolitan area140$16.05$33,380$15.99$33,250
Southwestern New Hampshire nonmetropolitan area80$14.50$30,150$14.09$29,300
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


Looking at employment, the largest concentration of medical assistant jobs is found in the Manchester area. This area has an estimated 430 jobs. The Nashua area comes in second with almost the same number at about 410 jobs. The Portsmouth area has the fewest number of current jobs estimated at only about 100.

If you look at the ranking of average annual salary you will find a different story. The highest salaries in the state are found in the Haverhill – North Andover – Amesbury area at $36,380. This is followed by the Lowell -Billerica-Chelmsford area at $36,170.

The Manchester area which has the largest number of jobs has only the fifth highest salaries in the state at $32,600. This is also true for the Nashua area. It has the second largest number of jobs but is among the lowest average annual salary at about $31,600.

This clearly shows that the best paying jobs might not necessarily be in the areas that have the most jobs. This same fact is true in many other states in the country.

Also keep in mind that these numbers are estimates that can and will change. Plus there are many factors which can influence the pay level of any particular job you may find. So expect to find variances as you do your own job search.

The best thing you can do to improve your chances of finding the job with the best pay is to prepare properly for your job search. Put together the best resume that you can. Prepare a cover letter specifically aimed at a job opportunity. Take the time to do this properly and you will be rewarded.