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Medical Assistant Salary and Jobs Data for Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania State SealPennsylvania is a large state and it has a large number of employed medical assistants. The state ranks 4th in the country for medical assistant employment. Employment stands at 22,460. That means there is a much better chance of finding jobs in the medical assisting field then in other locations.

The state doesn’t rank as high when you look at average annual salaries. With an average medical assistant salary of $29,900, it ranks 26th among the states. So while there are a large number of jobs in the state, half the states have a higher average annual salary.

Because of the size and diversity of Pennsylvania, you need to look at information on jobs and salaries from different parts of the state to get a true picture of where the jobs are and what they are paying.


The Table below breaks out the data into major metropolitan areas as well as nonmetropolitan areas around the state.

Medical Assistant Salary Information for Pennsylvania

Area nameEmploymentHourly mean wageAnnual mean wageHourly median wageAnnual median wage
Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton, PA-NJ1640$14.64$30,450$14.10$29,320
Altoona PA280$12.63$26,280$12.08$25,130
Erie PA580$12.66$26,330$12.37$25,720
Harrisburg-Carlisle PA1690$14.06$29,240$13.55$28,180
Johnstown PA320$12.12$25,220$11.66$24,250
Lancaster PA630$13.35$27,760$13.19$27,430
Lebanon PA170$13.44$27,960$13.33$27,730
Newark-Union NJ-PA Metropolitan Division3890$16.54$34,390$16.14$33,560
Philadelphia PA Metropolitan Division7320$16.08$33,440$15.71$32,670
Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington PA-NJ-DE-MD10350$15.88$33,030$15.46$32,150
Pittsburgh PA4800$13.56$28,200$13.12$27,290
Reading PA590$13.89$28,900$13.38$27,840
Scranton--Wilkes-Barre PA970$13.79$28,690$13.20$27,450
State College PA180$13.80$28,700$13.54$28,160
Williamsport PA200$16.13$33,560$13.73$28,560
York-Hanover PA740$14.25$29,630$13.70$28,510
Youngstown-Warren-Boardman OH-PA1070$12.54$26,080$12.44$25,880
Far Western Pennsylvania nonmetropolitan area570$11.61$24,160$11.31$23,530
West Central Pennsylvania nonmetropolitan area320$11.99$24,940$11.67$24,280
Northeastern Pennsylvania nonmetropolitan area330$12.80$26,620$12.48$25,970
East Central Pennsylvania nonmetropolitan area870$12.67$26,350$12.83$26,680
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


The first thing to note with this data is that some of the metropolitan areas cross state boundaries. In the case of Pennsylvania this can include Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. This may seem to invalidate some of the data but you have to remember this breakdown reflects the major population areas around Pennsylvania and neighboring states.

The area with the highest level of employment of medical assistants is found in the major population center around the Philadelphia -Camden Wilmington area with 10,350 jobs. The Philadelphia area itself accounts for 7,320 jobs and Pittsburg is in third place with 4,800 jobs.

At the lower end you will find Williamsport, State College and Lebanon with 200, 180 and 170 jobs respectively.

When you look at the average annual salaries around the state you find a different picture. The area around Newark and Union has the highest salaries at $34,390. But Williamsport which had one of the lowest number of jobs has the second highest salaries at $33,560. It proves again that the just because an area has a high employment level it doesn’t mean the salaries will be the highest.

The lowest metropolitan area salaries will be found in Erie, Altoona and Johnstown areas with $26,330, $26,280 and $25,220 respectively. This shows there is a significant range in salaries depending upon where you are in the state.

Remember these numbers are estimates and will change over time. To make sure you have a chance for the best paying jobs wherever you are, you need to do a few things. First, get the proper training and medical assistant certification. Next make sure you prepare a strong resume. And lastly, have a cover letter specific to each job you are interested in. Take the time to do it right and it will pay off.