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Registered Medical Assistant – How to Become One

registered medical assistantThe Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) is another option for certification similar to the CMA. It is awarded by American Medical Technologists (AMT). They are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCAA). Like the CMA this is a national recognized certification program and respected with the healthcare industry. Depending on your own desires you may want to pursue a career as a clinical medical assistant.

The certification exam given has as its purpose the evaluation of the competency of entry level practitioners. The content of the exams are developed by various subject matter experts including both educators and those currently practicing in various medical assisting fields.

The tests are used as only form of evaluation in awarding the RMA certification. The exam results along with an individual’s training and related experience are also evaluated in granting certification.

Certification Eligibility Criteria

There are 5 eligibility paths to receiving the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) designation.

Path 1 – If you are a recent graduate of an accredited medial assisting program or you are scheduled to graduate from such a program you are eligible to take the certifying exam.

Path 2 – If you are a recent graduate or scheduled to graduate from a formal United States Armed Services medical services training program you Registered Medical Assistantare eligible to take the exam.

Path 3 – Work experience can serve in lieu of formal education if you have been employed as a medical assistant for at least 5 of the last 7 years and no more than 2 of the years has been as an instructor in a post-secondary medical assisting program. Proof of high school graduation or GED equivalent is required to take the exam.

Path 4 – You may be eligible if you are currently instructing in a an accredited medical assisting program and have completed a course of instruction related to medical assisting. There are other requirements in this path that must be met depending on the length of time you have working as an instructor in conjunction with other work experience you have.

Path 5 – If you taken and passed a certifying exam given by another organization which has been approved by the AMT Board of Directors and you meet the eligibility requirements in any of the other 4 paths to certification, no exam will be required for certification as an RMA.

Applying for Certification

When you have completed your education and medical assistant training and are ready to apply for certification you should go to the AMT website and get a copy of the Medical Assistant Candidate Handbook. This will have all the detail information about the certification process

When you are ready to submit an application there is an application packet that can also be downloaded from their website.  The completed application along with all supporting documentation and an application fee of $95 should be submitted. It usually takes 4 – 6 weeks for the application to be processed.

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